Government in Readington was initially incorporated under US law under the Township Act of 1797 in which the people directly voted on issues in town meeting format and the Township Committee paid bills and resolved disputes between meetings. The Township Act of 1899 granted all legislative and executive municipal powers on the Township Committee starting in 1900.

This is a list of known Mayors, Deputy Mayors and Treasurers of Readington Township, NJ. This list was compiled from reviewing the minutes of the Township Committee for the years in question by the author.

The Deputy Mayor position was first detected in 1971.

For years from 1956 and prior the Mayor is listed as the Chairman of the Township Committee.

For many years a member of the Township Committee was elected as Treasurer however that responsibility was assumed by the Township Clerk in 1919.

Year Mayor Term Deputy Mayor
2020 Jonathan Heller 1st term Juergen Huselbusch
2019 Betty Ann Fort 3rd term John Albanese
2018 Benjamin A. Smith 2nd term Betty Ann Fort
2017 Benjamin A. Smith 1st term Betty Ann Fort
2016 Betty Ann Fort 2nd term M. Elizabeth Duffy
2015 Betty Ann Fort 1st term Tom Auriemma
2014 Julia Allen 5th term Beatrice Muir
2013 Julia Allen 4th term Beatrice Muir
2012 Tom Auriemma 2nd term Julia Allen
2011 Frank Gatti 3rd term Tom Auriemma
2010 Gerard Shamey 4th term Frank Gatti
2009 Julia Allen 3rd term Beatrice Muir
2008 Tom Auriemma 1st term Julia Allen
2007 Gerard Shamey 3rd term Tom Auriemma
2006 Gerard Shamey 2nd term Tom Auriemma
2005 Frank Gatti 2nd term Gerard Shamey
2004 Julia Allen 2nd term Gerard Shamey
2003 Frank Gatti 1st term Julia Allen
2002 Gerard Shamey 1st term Frank Gatti
2001 Ron Monaco 5th term Gerard Shamey
2000 Beatrice Muir 1st term Ron Monaco
1999 Julia Allen 1st term Beatrice Muir
1998 James T. Wall 1st term Julia Allen
1997 Ron Monaco 4th term James T. Wall
1996 Stephanie B. Stevenss 1st term William Fraser
1995 Theresa Martin 5th term Frank Renda
1994 Ron Monaco 3rd term Theresa Martin
1993 Jeffrey Tindall 3rd term Steve Mirota/Ron Monacoco
1992 Theresa Martin 4th term Jeff Tindall
1991 Ron Monaco 2nd term Theresa Martin
1990 Steve Mirota 2nd term Ron Monaco
1989 Jeffrey Tindall 2nd term Steve Mirota
1988 Theresa Martin 3rd term Jeff Tindall
1987 Fred Geddis 1st term Theresa Martin
1986 Ron Monaco 1st term Fred Geddis
1985 Steve Mirota 1st term Ron Monaco
1984 Jeffrey Tindall 1st term Steve Mirota
1983 Don Laird 1st term Jeff Tindall
1982 Theresa Martin 2nd term Don Laird
1981 Herb Fisher 2nd term Ulo Lepik
1980 Theresa Martin 1st term Herb Fisher
1979 Herb Fisher 1st term Theresa Martin
1978 Joseph F. Riccardi 1st term Herb Fisher
1977 Virginia Swackenhamermer 1st term Joseph F. Riccardi
1976 Howard H. Oldenbergg 2nd term Eugene Pfister
1975 Eugene Pfister 1st term Vincent R. Cook
1974 Vincent R. Cook 3rd term George Brightenback
1973 George Brightenback 1st term Vincent R. Cook
1972 Howard H. Oldenberg 1st term George Brightenback
1971 Robert W. Stedman 1st term Vincent R. Cook
1970 Albert G. Moore 2nd term None
1969 Edward A. Jeromski 1st term None
1968 Vincent R. Cook 2nd term None
1967 Robert B. Hauck 1st term None
1966 Paul Sauerland 1st term None
1965 Albert G. Moore 1st term None
1964 J. Stewart Hunt 1st term None
1963 Vincent R. Cook 1st term None
1962 Chester H. Herder 2nd term None
1961 Edward Starczyk 2nd term None
1960 Lawrence McKenna 1st term None
1959 Chester H. Herder 1st term None
1958 Edward Starczyk 1st term None
1957 Sven Knudsen 1st term None
1956 Frank P. Bush 2nd term Listed as Chair (also Mayor)ayor)
1955 Wilson S. Eick 2nd term  
1954 Abram D. Schomp 3rd term  
1953 Frank P. Bush 1st term  
1952 Abram D. Schomp 2nd term  
1951 Abram D. Schomp 1st term  
1950 Harold Vandeveer 1st term  
1949 Wilson S. Eick 1st term  
1948 J. Bryan Welsh 5th term  
1947 J. Bryan Welsh 4th term  
1946 John C. Bush 3rd term  
1945 J. Bryan Welsh 3rd term  
1944 J. Bryan Welsh??? 2nd term Minutes not clear
1943 John C. Bush 2nd term  
1942 William M. Amerman 3rd term  
1941 William M. Amerman 2nd term  
1940 John C. Bush 1st term  
1939 J. Bryan Welsh 1st term  
1938 William M. Amerman 1st term  
1937 Fred C. Kellam 3rd term  
1936 Greoge B Seals 2nd term  
1935 Fred E. Kellam 2nd term  
1934 Fred E. Kellam 1st term  
1933 Greoge B. Seals 1st term  
1932 John E Sheets 2nd term  
1931 Jacob H. Young 3rd term  
1930 John H. Van Doren 1st term  
1929 John E Sheets 1st term  
1928 Jacob H. Young 2nd term  
1927 Jacob H. Young 1st term  
1926 David L. Lare 9th  
1925 David L. Lare 8th  
1924 David L. Lare 7th  
1923 David L. Lare 6th  
1922 David L. Lare 5th term  
1921 David L. Lare 4th term  
1920 David L. Lare 3rd term  
1919 David L. Lare 2nd term Treasurer
1918 D. Henry Miller 2nd term Almar G. Cole
1917 Almar G. Cole 1st term David L. Lare
1916 David L. Lare 1st term D. Henry Miller
1915 Calvin C. Huff 4th term D. Henry Miller
1914 Calvin C. Huff 3rd term Silas Schomp
1913 Silas Schomp 2nd term D. Henry Miller
1912 D. Henry Miller 1st term Calvin C. Huff
1911 Calvin C. Huff 2nd term Silas Schomp
1910 Silas Schomp 1st term Andrew H. Seals
1909 Andrew H. Seals 1st term Calvin C. Huff
1908 Calvin C. Huff 1st term Garhart G. Conover
1907 Garhart G. Conover 2nd term George R. Probesco
1906 George R. Probesco 1st term P. Davis Reed
1905 P. Davis Reed 2nd term Garhart G. Conover
1904 P. Davis Reed 1st term Garhart G. Conover
1903 Garhart G. Conover 1st term Frank A. Cole
1902 Frank A. Cole 1st term George W. Sheats
1901 George W. Sheats 1st term David H. Miller
1900 David H. Miller 1st term William H. Regar
Township Act of 1797  (Town Meeting Format)
Year Chair Term Treasurer
1899 William H. Regar 1st term John R. Forten
1898 (not listed)   William R. Ewing
1897 William R. Ewing 2nd term A.V. Honeyman
1896 William R. Ewing 1st term George Stillwell
1895 William M. Dally 1st term George Stillwell
1894 John F. Schomp 2nd term William M. Dally
1893 John F. Schomp 1st term Cyrus A. Conover
1892 Cyrus A. Conover 1st term George M. Cole
1891 George W. Cole 2nd term James Lane
1890 George W. Cole 1st term James Lane
1889 Peter S. Latourette 4th term Fisher Pidcock
1888 Peter S. Latourette 3rd term Fisher Pidcock
1887 Peter S. Latourette 2nd term Fisher Pidcock
1886 Peter S. Latourette 1st term Fisher Pidcock
1885 John R. Foster 2nd term Fisher Pidcock
1884 John R. Foster 1st term Fisher Pidcock
1883 George M. Cole 1st term Fisher Pidcock

Data compiled by Benjamin A. Smith
Last updated October 22, 2020